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PEA coaches

At PEA, we will help you get where you want to go. Take a look at our coaches

Coaches Corner: About

Mark Edge

Mark Edge, Head Coach of our coaching team is a local boy through and through. He went to Grey High School where he played 1st team rugby, waterpolo and swimming.  He was also very involved in lifesaving. 
His success in the aquatics sports saw him selected as a triple South African aquatics representative 
Mark graduated from UPE (Nelson Mandela University) with a BA in Human Movement Science. 
Mark is a qualified Level 3 Coach and has been awarded Senior Coach designation from the South African Sports Coaches Association  He is registered with both Nelson Mandela Bay Aquatics and Swimming South Africa and is the recipient of a meritorious service award from the district. 
Mark has been coaching competitive swimming for 40 years and has had the distinct honour of being awarded Coach of the Year by both the EC Department of Sports and Recreation as well as Nelson Mandela University.  
Mark experience and expertise in senior coaching has seen him selected as coach for a number of South African teams competing on the international stage, including the FINA World Short Course Championships and World Student Games. 
Many of the swimmers under Mark’s care have gone on to compete (and make their mark) on the international stage. 
His deep love of the water is reflected in his daily sea swims and his passion for swimming swimmers under his care. 

Coaches Corner: About

Kyle Main

Kyle Main is a SSA Level 3 and level 5 ASCA certified swimming Coach who is registered with both Nelson Mandela Bay Aquatics and Swimming South Africa. 
Kyle graduated from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology with a degree in Sport Management (cum laude)

Kyle has a deep love for swimming which has encompassed many years and which has seen him achieve much success in the pool as a competitive swimmer. He has held the title of EP Junior and Senior swimmer of the year for 4 years, was SA Champion for the 1500m free as a 13 year old  and he went on to break over 40 provincial records during his years as a competitive swimmer. 

He is both a full and half Ironman finisher and it seems that there is just no physical challenge that Kyle is afraid to tackle. 

But it is in the open water that Kyle truly shines and he is never happier than when he is tackling the next big adventure swim, in fact, anything over 10kms is what challenges him.  It’s impossible to name all of his achievements but those worthy of a mention are the mighty Straits of Gibraltar (20km), Rottnest Channel (20km) &  a 50km swim from the west to south coasts of Mauritius. 

Coaches Corner: About

Leonie Cremer

Leonie Cremer, or Aunty Leonie, as she is affectionately known by all at PEA, is the face behind our youngest swimmers who are beginning their competitive swimming journey.

Leonie has coached at PEA for over 20 years and is a qualified Learn To Swim and Level 1 Coach.  She is registered with both Nelson Mandela Bay Aquatics and Swimming South Africa.

Leonie has a special ability to connect with our young swimmers and is able to instil a love for our sport in their hearts.  Testament to this is that a number of international swimmers who were coached by Leonie as young beginners have gone on to make their mark on the international swimming stage (names like Gerhard Zandburg, Alaric Basson, Alard Basson spring immediately to mind).

Leonie is a proud mother of three adults children and an extremely proud grandmother to Sofia.

Leonie’s philosophy towards coaching is that a perfect stroke from a young age makes a top swimmer.  This is the primary focus of her coaching in a sport which teaches a swimmer discipline and perseverance.  Her advice to swimmers?  Always set YOUR goals and not anyone else’s.

Coaches Corner: About

Michelle Cremer

Michelle Cremer is the Coach who starts our swimmers on their very steps on their swimming journey.

Michelle is a qualified Learn To Swim and Level 1 Coach and is registered with both Nelson Mandela Bay Aquatics and Swimming South Africa.

Michelle coaches our Stroke Correction squad (or our Strokies as they are affectionately known at PEA) and these swimmers simply blossom under her care and guidance.  She is never prouder than when she promotes a much improved swimmer up to a more advance squad.

Michelle is no stranger to the world of competitive sports.  As a teenager, Michelle trained with, and swam for, PEA.  She has since moved onto the exciting and demanding world of triathlons and is a proud finisher of the full Iron Man (2016 & 2019) and the half Iron Man (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020).

Michelle’s philosophy regarding coaching is to have as much fun in the water as possible (whilst, at the same time , maintaining the discipline necessary in swimming) so that the swimmers are learning and improving with every session without actually realizing it.  She is mindful that, for many of our young swimmers, their session with her in the water could be the best part of their day.

Coaches Corner: About

Sheena Price

Sheena Price coaches our boys and girls who are based in Grahamstown. Sheena has extensive swimming coaching experience, having trained in both Bloemfontein for 8 years and Grahamstown for 10 years. 
She is a qualified Level 1 Coach and is registered with both Nelson Mandela Bay Aquatics and Swimming South Africa. 
Sheena has a great deal of love for out sport and is always furthering her knowledge by taking extra courses, attending conferences and expert talks. 
Sheena has the ability to bring the best out of a swimmer with her own unique blend of love and kindness. She is a constant support for her swimmers, many of whom live away from home as borders at school. 

Coaches Corner: About
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