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“Coach Mark Edge’s love for swimming is well known, whether it is in the pool or open water. He is a man of few words, but he is well-loved and respected as a coach by his swimmers, who thrive under his experienced guidance and insights. As parents, we completely trusted him with our daughter’s swimming as her coach and this has seen her thrive as a young swimmer. We have also noted a renewed love for her swimming and she always looks forward to the Sunday morning sea swims, with Coach Mark and her friends. In my view, he tries to cultivate in each swimmer an enduring lifelong love for the sport and the positive benefits which flow from swimming like discipline, resolve, and good sportsmanship.

Coach Kyle Main is well known in swimming circles both as a swimmer and as a coach. He is actively involved in swimming as a coach and as a swimmer who is highly respected in open water and adventure swimming. When our daughter joined PEA, it was Coach Kyle who extensively remoulded her strokes and focussed on key areas for development. As parents, we saw a renewed commitment to swimming as well as dramatic improvements in her swimming. He is also extremely approachable as a coach and will advise you based on what is best for the swimmer. As a parent, you will quickly realise that Coach Kyle is quick to share insights, knowledge, and coaching insights, which come not just from theory but from someone who has the practical experience and understanding of swimming.”

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